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Artificial Grass for Corporate or Public Areas

There are many uses for artificial grass which go beyond a simple lawn for a back garden. Synthetic lawns are also ideal for public places where large amounts of people gather, and a durable alternative to grass is needed.

At Lawrence Lawns we offer artificial grass solutions for corporate areas and business functions where a clean, attractive, robust, and long-lasting surface is needed to accommodate heavy traffic.

Natural grass can soon turn to mud if walked on repeatedly by large numbers of people, and this can create unwanted mess, especially at corporate events where shoes need to stay shiny, and clothing free from mud.

Our artificial grass for corporate areas makes sure that guests can assemble on grass and not have to worry about their footwear. These lawns will withstand even the busiest public areas, and provide a long lasting solution for outdoor corporate events. They also reduce the risks of slips and falls often witnessed on muddy or wet grass, which will also please your health and safety officer!

Artificial grass can be used in hotels, schools, outdoor bars, racetracks, and many other places of public interest such as parks, festivals, or museums.

It’s use in public places can be ideal for activity days with children and/or adults, outdoor meetings of any kind, a range of corporate events or functions, and a whole host of other occasions and locations.

A Lawn for Corporate Parties & Events

Artificial turf can be ideal for corporate occasions such as end of year parties, Christmas parties, conferences, or awards ceremonies. All the benefits which you’ll get from an an attractive artificial lawn in the garden can be transferred to the corporate setting, providing an attractive, homely addition to any event.

At Lawrence Lawns you can be sure to find an artificial grass solution for your corporate event, gathering or public occasion.