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Artificial Grass Maintenance

Maintaining and caring for artificial grass is a lot easier than managing a natural grass lawn. There are a number of artificial grass care products and tools to help you with this process, and make sure your new lawn stays in good shape.

At Lawrence Lawns when we install artificial grass for you, we’ll also advise on things to help you look after your lawn, ensuring that it stands the test of time and can also withstand whatever the elements have to offer.

It’s important to keep the lawn surface as clear as possible. The amount of debris which collects on your lawn can depend on the shrubbery, trees, and plants you have in your garden, but all lawns will collect natural waste and debris from the surrounding area.

You can use an artificial grass rake to clear loose leaves, twigs, and foliage from the surface of the lawn, while brushes and leaf blowers can also be effective when it comes to clearing away this unwanted clutter.

If there are any trees or hedges close to the lawn, the keeping these trimmed back can reduce the amount of debris which falls from them onto the grass.

Many of these tools and products can be used for other tasks as well as grass care.

Grass Care

As with any outdoor area, artificial grass is also a great home for natural airborne pollen and seeds. As the area is synthetic most of these will be harmless and eventually be washed or blown away, but some of the most stubborn weeds will try to find a home in your artificial lawn. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you use weed killer products on your lawn once or twice per year.

Cleaning artificial grass is also an important part of the maintenance process, as unexpected spills and other mishaps are bound to happen as you, and perhaps your pets, enjoy the lawn. Luckily, we sell special artificial grass cleaner which will help remove any stains or unpleasant mess.

Artificial grass is designed to be low maintenance, hard wearing, and built to withstand regular use. However, like anything which lives outside they are open to the elements and other living things, as well as people!

It’s for this reason that occasional maintenance is important to keep your new lawn looking as good as new. Our installation team can advise on this when they come to install any new artificial turf you may need, and they will suggest the right products and tools to enable you to look after your lawn with minimal fuss.

You can be sure that once you purchase an artificial grass installation with us, you’ll receive the aftercare advice you need at Lawrence Lawns.