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Artificial grass: most common uses

Artificial grass owes its success, in part, to its versatility. Artificial grasses take a variety of different forms, from artificial lawn to astro turf, making synthetic grass suitable for an array of different functions. Because of this, you are just as likely to encounter artificial grass in your neighbour’s back garden as you are to find it at your local football pitch. It is equally as competent at providing a safe surface for children and pets to play on as it is at enduring the scratches and scrapes of 22 pairs of studs and emerging unscathed. To introduce you to the diverse range of uses artificial grass has, and what gives it the ability to do so successfully, we have put together this post.

Residential uses of artificial grass

Residential areas harbour the highest number of artificial lawns. Affordable, aesthetically-pleasing and low maintenance, more and more homeowners up and down the country are making the switch to artificial grass. By rendering all of the mowing, watering, edging and shearing that a natural grass lawn requires redundant, artificial grass is, justifiably, beginning to encroach on natural grass’ turf. Patio grass and artificial grass for decking are all feasible for artificial grass installers to fit. Artificial grass has also become especially popular with pet owners. Without any of the mud and mess associated with natural grass surfaces, pet owners can rest easy knowing that their pets won’t walk mud into the home.

The use of artificial grass in sport

The world of sports was the first to embrace synthetic grass surfaces of any kind and it has continued to fly the flag today. From the Houston Astrodome in 1966 to the being a fixture in the lower divisions of the football league, artificial grass has continued to proliferate. In areas where natural grass is unable to survive and thrive, synthetic surfaces are essential. Able to replicate the feel and look of a natural grass surface without needing the same sustenance of sunlight, nutrients and water, artificial grass is adaptable enough to be more than serviceable in otherwise inhospitable conditions.

Commercial uses of artificial grass

One of the main selling points of artificial grass is its convenience. It can more or less be left to its own devices and you won’t see any deterioration over time, which saves the owner committing resources towards its upkeep. Because of this, artificial lawn installation has become exceedingly popular in the commercial sphere – particularly with retail parks looking to enliven their surroundings with greenery. As well as boosting productivity in an office setting, green spaces are associated with higher well-being and many businesses have noticed higher footfall with the addition of an artificial lawn. In an office setting too, the introduction of greenery – even in the form of an artificial grass-padded rooftop or balcony – has been shown to provide a boost to productivity.

How to buy artificial grass

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