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Our artificial grass products: an introduction

Artificial grass technology is becoming increasingly versatile. There are synthetic styles of grass to meet your every need: whether it’s needed for a classic domestic garden, an office rooftop or an all-weather sports pitch. You will find only the highest quality artificial grass at Lawrence Lawns in a range of styles and shades. Our grasses vary by pile height, thread length and colour, but all are suited to different purposes. By introducing you to three of our finest artificial grass products, we hope you will be able to make a more informed purchase.


All grasses flatten to a certain extent, even synthetic ones, but properly and well maintained artificial grass will continue to look realistic and have all the performance of an everyday lawn for years to come. So why not lift your lawn to new limits and try one of the most popular products on the artificial grass market – the Montague? With its natural sheen, this deluxe product will have your garden glistening in no time. 


The Hampstead is one of the most luxurious grasses currently available. With a 40mm pile height, its cushioned feel makes it a supremely comfortable grass. The intensity of its colour is of particular interest; it has a hue you won’t find anywhere else. And with more than four different tones to choose from, all infused with a brown curl, you can pick out the best fit for your own garden. The range of lengths gives you the opportunity to be more artful when creating your natural looking lawn.


For land that is accessible to the public, such as children’s play areas and family gardens, it might be best to choose a shorter, stronger design that can withstand recurring wear for longer. The Fenton grass is robust and durable, more than capable of accommodating a school sports day. The freshly mowed cut, without need for gas or electric lawn equipment, represents a more eco-friendly alternative to maintaining a healthy natural lawn. Not only will you give back to the environment, to maintain the earth’s natural beauty, but without the need to use chemicals to feed grassy areas, it is a place to let your children and pets roam free of worry.

Our experts are on hand throughout the process to help you choose the perfect artificial lawn for your own requirements.  If you lust after a long lasting maintenance free garden lawn, or you need to add illustrious grass to a roof terrace, we have a solution for you. We have a great deal of experience fitting artificial grass in Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas.

With this post, we have hopefully given you some insight into the variety of artificial grass products available from Lawrence Lawns and how to pick the best product for you. If you are still struggling to decide between the different options, feel free to request a free artificial grass sample. We’ll ship it to your home free of charge and you can gauge its quality in person.



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