How to protect your lawn from weather damage

Just as entire buildings can be eradicated by the weather, so too can whole swathes of a garden. Conditions only have to sway in the direction of one extreme and your garden can come under threat. An abundance of rainfall can have just as dire consequences for your grass’ health as an absence of rainfall. [...]

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Why you should outfit your rooftop space with artificial grass

A rooftop space is a luxury. Far more than being an afterthought though, a garden roof, properly outfitted, is a real sanctuary. Deciding on the best way to decorate such a desirable space can be tricky - especially when you want every single aspect of it to be perfect. One of the first ports of [...]

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Artificial grass: most common uses

Artificial grass owes its success, in part, to its versatility. Artificial grasses take a variety of different forms, from artificial lawn to astro turf, making synthetic grass suitable for an array of different functions. Because of this, you are just as likely to encounter artificial grass in your neighbour’s back garden as you are to [...]

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Which artificial grass is the best?

So, you’ve decided you can no longer be bothered with the whole rigmarole of tending to a natural grass lawn day after day, only to see it flourish for a matter of months at most. Turning your back on hours and hours of toiling in the garden is the easy part, but deciding on the [...]

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How to maintain artificial grass

Part of the allure of artificial grass is the almost complete lack of maintenance required to keep it in tip top shape. While it is true that artificial grass is more than well equipped to deal with everyday exposure to the elements, it isn’t invulnerable to the accidents more commonly attributed to pets and family [...]

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What you need to know about installing artificial grass

Thanks to the quality of its appearance and just how low maintenance it is, artificial grass is quickly becoming a more and more viable alternative to real grass. The stumbling block that seems to deter many a potential buyer though is uncertainty about the installation process. ‘When to lay artificial grass?’ and ‘can artificial grass [...]

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Artificial Grass – A Buying Guide!

Artificial grass can help anyone accomplish the perfect looking lawn that looks amazing all year round. Fake grass is absolutely the best solution if you want a turf with less maintenance. When thinking about buying artificial grass, you need consider several significant aspects. The Quality & Price of the Grass Always bear in mind the [...]

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Lithuania’s 3G Artificial Grass Pitch

England football team recently played a Euro 2016 qualifier against Lithuania at the LFF Stadium in Vilnius. How many of you who watched the match on TV noticed the pitch? Yes, it was artificial grass! England’s Worries England's officials were worried before the match about playing the game on artificial turf and how it could [...]

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Synthetic Grass – A Guide to a New Lawn

Gone are the days when fake grass was primarily the domain of the sports arena, now it has moved from the stereotypical football pitch to residential landscapes and public areas. This natural looking material can look great in many home applications as well as get to the bottom of many difficult landscaping problems. However with [...]

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