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Creating a winter-ready garden

We all associate winter with the fun of Christmas – a time for family, food and presents. But, as a well as festivities, winter also brings with it a host of unfavourable meteorological changes – shorter days, lower temperatures and higher rates of precipitation. Collectively, these conditions can wreak havoc on your garden. To prevent winter from having a debilitating impact on your garden, you need to have a range of preventative measures in place. In this post, we are going to walk you through three of the most effective.

Cover at-risk plants

In the harsh temperatures of winter, frost damage is an all too frequent scourge of the most vulnerable parts of your garden. When temperatures drop below 0°C, ice crystals can form in the tissues of plants, eventually causing plant cells to rupture. Plants with a high water content, like succulents, are especially vulnerable. Covering at-risk plants is a fool-proof method of denying the advances of frost. Breathable garden fabrics simultaneously retain heat, allow air in and keep frost out – keeping vulnerable plants safe from harm.

Choose more robust plants

Evergreens, as the name suggests, are able to flourish all year-round. By adjusting the balance of your garden to favour these more robust species of plant, you can create a garden that is designed to survive the cruel conditions of winter. Producing vibrant red, orange or yellow berries, holly is a stellar example of a durable evergreen that will also brighten up your garden.

Fit artificial grass

A grass lawn requires a great deal of care before winter sets in: a final mowing, the removal of thatch and moss using a scarifier or a springbok rake, the addition of a sandy topsoil, and the application of fertiliser. Together, these steps are incredibly time-consuming and still, they don’t guarantee the continued health of the lawn throughout the winter period.

Artificial grass maintenance

Artificial grass, on the other hand, is invulnerable to changing weather conditions and requires very little maintenance to do so. All year round, it is impervious to the onslaught of wind, rain, snow and hail that comprises all of the weather’s worst tendencies. Artificial grass is capable of resisting whatever the weather can throw at it. It is permeable, so rainwater will drain right through it, instead of building up over time. Unlike real grass, artificial grass is immune to the cell damaging impact of frost. Even in the face of all of the hallmarks of a terrible winter – frighteningly low temperatures, frost, snow and hail – artificial grass retains its original lustre.

If you are considering fitting artificial grass, look no further than Lawrence Lawns. With an experienced team and a great-looking, durable product, you can rest assured that your garden will not only look superb, it will survive the winter – and many winters to come – completely unscathed.

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