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How to maintain artificial grass

Part of the allure of artificial grass is the almost complete lack of maintenance required to keep it in tip top shape. While it is true that artificial grass is more than well equipped to deal with everyday exposure to the elements, it isn’t invulnerable to the accidents more commonly attributed to pets and family barbecues. To walk you through the ways in which you can keep your artificial turf in supreme condition, we have put together this artificial grass maintenance guide.

Before we get to how best to care for your artificial lawn, it is first best to have a complete understanding of the kind of things it is designed to deal with. First and foremost amongst those threats is rain. As the most regular, if unwelcome, facet of the British weather, it is an inevitability that your artificial lawn will encounter rain at some point. At Lawrence Lawns, we are aware of this, and as part of our meticulous AstroTurf installation process, we secure a layer of heavy duty geotextile membrane beneath your lawn for this very purpose. Geotextile membranes are designed to allow water to filter through its surface easily, while keeping other solid particles like soil and dirt out. Thanks to this intelligent bit of kit, you won’t have to worry about your new lawn waterlogging.

Just as rainwater won’t overburden your fake grass, neither will changing temperatures. In the cold, natural grass can freeze over and become unusable. Similarly, grass can begin to wilt in high temperatures too- drying, decaying and yellowing in the midst of an overbearing sun. Artificial grass meanwhile, suffers from no such issues.

An obvious but nevertheless noteworthy part of artificial grass’ appeal is that it simply doesn’t grow. Long gone are the days of lugging a lawnmower out of the shed to painstakingly shred every blade of grass before doing it all again just a couple of weeks later. By virtue of its unchanging status, artificial grass renders itself exempt from the biweekly chop – saving you time, effort and money in the process.

Where artificial grass does demand more attention however, is when there are other factors in play. When you become a pet owner, you quickly come to realise that what you once thought of as exclusively your garden is also a bathroom. And just as you would remove any mess from your natural grass lawn, the same is true for your artificial one. Artificial grass is both stain and fire-resistant though, meaning that challenges mounted by pets and barbecuing accidents alike will leave behind an unscathed and unblemished lawn. Just to guarantee the cleanliness of your garden, it is well worth giving your grass a quick scrub once in a while. With a brush and soapy water, you can guarantee a glowing grass surface in just five minutes.

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