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Artificial Grass - A Buying Guide!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Artificial grass can help anyone accomplish the perfect looking lawn that looks amazing all year round. Fake grass is absolutely the best solution if you want a turf with less maintenance. When thinking about buying artificial grass, you need consider several significant aspects.

The Quality & Price of the Grass

Always bear in mind the fact that the core reason behind your preference of artificial grass is that it is meant to be permanent. So you must make the right choice in choosing a synthetic grass supplier in the UK. When looking for this evergreen product to buy, you should ask for samples of the different quality of products that the suppliers offer. Compare all of the samples before making the final move. Once you set your benchmark turf, your next focus should be on price.

Weather Conditions in Your Area

Though artificial grass is an all year round solution to a natural, easy to maintain lawn, weather conditions can play a pivotal role in your choice of grass.

Most artificial grass can withstand the elements pretty well throughout most parts of the UK but if you live in a particularly bad area weather wise you may have to consider which grass would be best for your location.

The Amount of Traffic

It is vital that you consider the amount of traffic your grass will be exposed to when selecting your turf. If you expect a lot of usage, young children playing football for example, you should avoid a product that is designed for low traffic, alleviating the need for replacing worn and damaged faux grass in the future. Always remember that higher traffic calls for a higher durability of the fake grass; and since durability affects the comfort of the grass, then the higher durability it has, the lesser amount of comfort it offers.

The Size of the Area You Want to Cover

Another crucial factor that a buyer needs to consider is the size of area that he or she wants to cover. Its cost per square meter and the cost of maintenance should also be considered. Though a larger area might not affect the cost per square meter, it could affect the upkeep cost. Low maintenance products are more appropriate for wider areas especially if you can’t spare the time to maintain it yourself.

To Sum Up

Artificial grass is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for those who want to have an evergreen lawn all year round, with far less maintenance than real grass. It is the perfect solution for those areas where growing natural grass is not possible.

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