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What you need to know about installing artificial grass

Thanks to the quality of its appearance and just how low maintenance it is, artificial grass is quickly becoming a more and more viable alternative to real grass. The stumbling block that seems to deter many a potential buyer though is uncertainty about the installation process. ‘When to lay artificial grass?’ and ‘can artificial grass be laid over decking?’ are just two of many questions that seem to unsettle potential customers. With hopes of answering these questions, and many more besides, we have put together this piece covering everything you need to know about the installation process.

When to lay artificial grass?

The first consideration for those hoping to invest in artificial grass is deciding when exactly to make the move, and what type of artificial grass to buy. Temperature and weather conditions are both factors worth contemplating. Ideally, installation will take place between 10°C and 15°C. This is because the ground is softer and easier to work with. Additionally, none of the (close to negligible) contraction and expansion associated with lower and higher temperatures will take place, ensuring you get as snug a fit as possible.

While dry and mild conditions are ideal for installation, they are far from mandatory. Artificial grass surfaces can be installed in spite of trying weather conditions. Our artificial grass is designed to be fitted in, as well as endure poor conditions and only the worst of all weather will derail the installation process completely.

Half-term and the summer holidays are when we are most in demand, so, from a convenience perspective, opting for installation to take place outside of these periods may result in a speedier process. Of course, we have the capacity to install artificial grass year round and the time of installation is entirely at your discretion.

Can artificial grass be laid over decking?

As a company, we have a great deal of experience laying artificial grass over surfaces of all kinds. We have worked on everything from playgrounds to roof terraces to commercial spaces to grass for patios. Before beginning work on a project, we will always send out one of our expert technicians to comprehensively assess the ins-and-outs of your situation. From there, we will put together a bespoke solution designed to meet your every need and requirement.

An overview of the installation process

The duration of the installation process varies on a case-by-case basis but typically, the installation of an artificial lawn from start to finish takes about two days. This seven-step process involves: excavating existing turf for aggregates, inserting a timber frame, reinstating the surface with aggregates, laying geotext membrane, securing the artificial grass to the timber frame and applying sand on top. For a more in-depth explanation of the installation process, visit this page.

How long will artificial grass last?

We are so confident in the durability of our product that we offer all customers an 8 year warranty on their artificial lawn. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself – you can request free artificial grass samples here.

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