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A Guide to a New Lawn

Gone are the days when fake grass was primarily the domain of the sports arena, now it has moved from the stereotypical football pitch to residential landscapes and public areas. This natural looking material can look great in many home applications as well as get to the bottom of many difficult landscaping problems.

However with modern artificial grass greatly resembling natural grass, it has really become a viable alternative for scores of residential and commercial properties. It can be incredibly daunting, time consuming and expensive to sustain the beauty of a healthy lawn especially in a hot climate.

Benefits of Faux Grass:

There are myriads of economical, environmental and personal advantages of getting synthetic grass installed in any situation. A few of them are mentioned below:

• Lower Maintenance Costs: Artificial grass calls for no more irrigation, no more trimming or mowing, yet stays green and looks fresh all year around.

• Less Time Consuming: Since it needs virtually no maintenance, and no mowing, it leaves you free to do the more important things in life!

• Pet-Friendly: Cute puppies or pet dogs are known to be notorious for sapping our traditional gardens. An artificial turf wipes out those dead spots. Moreover, pet dung and urine will not discolour or stain artificial grass. A high quality manufactured lawn backing will allow pet urine to drain through the grass.

• Appropriate To Any Area: It is ideal for shady lawns or barrel ground where natural grass cannot grow; such as balconies, roof gardens and areas surrounding swimming pools.

• Great Savings: With the ever burgeoning significance of water conservation and unpredictable periods of drought, artificial grass installation can mean a lot in savings in both water and money.

• Pesticide-Free: Our artificial grass installation is free from the harmful mar of pesticides as well as getting rid of the need to use any fertilizer or herbicides.

A Great Alternative To Real Grass

Artificial turf is a fantastic alternative to natural grass, it requires no trimming, no mowing, no fertilising, no watering, no fertilisers and pesticides. Artificial grass is really authentic too, it’s really hard to distinguish between the real thing and the artificial unless it’s closely scrutinised!

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