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Bonfire Night & Your Artificial Lawn

One reason you switched to an artificial lawn is so you could use your lawn instead of maintaining it. And what could be more appropriate than hosting garden festivities on the bonfire night? Fireworks are a must for this occasion, and many of us like to put on a display at home. But you don’t want sparks to injure your family, guests, or pets. And you certainly don’t want to set your home on fire! Stray sparks can also damage your artificial lawn. While it won’t burn in the traditional sense, it can melt if something hot enough comes in contact with it. So this is a good time to review some garden fireworks safety tips:

  • Choose a flat, non-flammable place to set off your fireworks, with no nearby shrubs, walls, roofs, or overhanging trees or bushes. Concrete, stone, sand, or clay are best.

  • Keep a bucket of water and a hose nearby, to immediately address any problems.

  • Have another bucket of water, and put extinguished fireworks in it (wait about 10 minutes to be sure the remains are cool.) Put any duds into the bucket, too. Never put these things directly into the bin.

  • Keep spectators at least 10 meters away for ground-based or 25 meters away for aerial fireworks.

  • Skip the show if it’s too windy, to avoid blowing sparks or having fireworks tip over as they launch.

  • Light just one item at a time, and step away as soon as you light it.

  • Choose a “designated ignition adult,” because alcohol and fireworks don’t mix well.

Provide fun-yet-safe “fireworks” for the little ones Curious kids just naturally want to get up-close-and-personal with fireworks – something that strikes fear into the heart of every parent. Sparklers can be fun, but they are also dangerous. They may not explode, but they burn at 1500°C, so sparks can cause a severe burn. Supervision is definitely in order. But there are also easy alternatives you can create to safely entertain young children and keep them occupied until it’s dark enough to watch the official backyard display. What else can cause fires or damage your artificial lawn? Your barbecue, among other things. Organizing a backyard barbecue is right up there with fireworks when it comes to putting on the ultimate garden party. But there are important safety precautions to observe here, too. For one thing, hot coal can melt a spot on your artificial lawn, just like sparks from fireworks. But just because you have a gas grill instead, don’t think you’re automatically protected. Every year, gas grills cause a significant number of house fires. And more than 1,800 people are injured while they’re barbecuing. If stray sparks or hot coal do find their way to your artificial lawn, don’t despair. And definitely don’t let it ruin your celebration. Just give us a call. The Lawrence Lawns team are not only experts at installing artificial lawns, but we’re also here for you when you need a repair, too. Get in touch today to see how we can help you!

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