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Christmas lights and decorations on your artificial lawn

Christmas Lights via Londonist

The countdown is on to our favourite time of the year! Decorating the garden can definitely be fun family time, with many of us loving to decorate our gardens with lights and Christmas decorations. Here a few things to keep in mind with your artificial lawn and keep you inspired this Christmas:

Pegs, stakes and sharp objects Some decorations need to be secured to the ground to ensure they don’t blow away, however, if using pegs, pins or even stakes, do not pierce the lawn as this will damage your artificial lawn by causing rips and tears. However, don’t let this limit you in decorating, you can always secure these items by pegging them down in garden beds, or filling large display ornaments with sand etc. to weigh them down.

Cleaning your artificial turf Have all those glittery and tinsel decorations you have carefully placed around the garden created shimmery dust all over your artificial lawn? Do not stress, a quick hose down is all that is needed to clean the area back up again without creating a muddy mess!

Power tools Hanging up lights and decorations or just maintaining the garden fence before you begin to decorate may require the use of some power tools. Power tools often generate a decent amount of heat so make sure that you don’t leave them on your artificial lawn as they may cause synthetic turf to melt. Enjoy the decorating in your garden, whilst enjoying no muddy mess with Lawrence Lawns through the festive season. If you do not yet have an artificial lawn, get in touch today to see how we can help you!

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