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Creating a low maintenance garden

The perfect garden can be the culmination of months and months of hard work. And as spectacular as a carefully crafted garden can be, the vast majority of us simply don’t have the time. Not only to plan, source and plant all the necessary components, but to maintain them well into the future. So, if you want the appearance of an impressive garden without doing any of the hard work, here is a selection of time-saving tips you can use.

Evergreen plants

Although a lot of gardeners would tell you there’s no such thing to a zero maintenance plant, evergreens come closest. Regardless of the season, they’ll grow with the same undampened resilience and determination. Only thing that you do need to be aware of with evergreens is allocating enough space for each plant. If the mature height of the plant is higher that you expected, you’ll have to prune it to prevent it from occupying too much space.

Getting rid of weeds

Finding and removing weeds has always been one of the most labour-intensive – and least enjoyable – gardening tasks. Get rid of the weeds and you get rid of a time-consuming task. Weeds thrive on the borders of the garden – where there is enough space for them to steal away sunlight, water and nutrients from neighbouring plants. Swap out perennial beds for shrubs and top off with a mulch (bark or gravel) and you’ll be able to stave off the arrival of weeds for many seasons.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass is growing in popularity in the UK. And for good reason too: it’s a low maintenance alternative to natural grass that looks just as good.

It isn’t just a savvy time-saving move either, it can make financial sense long-term too. While there is an initial investment required, you’ll quickly recoup this value because of the lack of upkeep artificial grass needs. You’ll save all the money you would otherwise have spent on expensive lawn care equipment – mowers, scarifiers, trimmers and fertiliser. Buying all of this stuff is trying enough, actually going through with using it all regularly to maintain your garden’s appearance can be physically demanding and a leech on your time.

Combined with decking or patio, artificial grass can help add a variety of different textures to your garden that not only provides the ideal surface for a seating area, but also creates an impressive and aesthetically appealing garden. An artificial grass lawn is visually striking as well as practical.

If you’re looking for artificial grass fitters to take on the task, look no further than Lawrence Lawns. We have had success helping homeowners and businesses realise their gardening ambitions. It’s non-toxic, safe for kids and pets, and exceptionally easy to take care of. We have an array of grasses available so you can pick out the one that best suits you. Free artificial grass samples are available! Get in touch with us via email or phone to discuss your options.

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