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How To Protect Your Lawn From Weather Damage

Just as entire buildings can be eradicated by the weather, so too can whole swathes of a garden. Conditions only have to sway in the direction of one extreme and your garden can come under threat. An abundance of rainfall can have just as dire consequences for your grass’ health as an absence of rainfall. Droughts, floods and blizzards are all equally capable of wreaking havoc with a garden. To familiarise yourself with the different threats weather poses to your garden and the fastest way to neutralise this threat, we have produced this guide to protecting your lawn from weather damage.


Without water, the vast majority of plants can’t survive. Xerophytes aside, plants need a plentiful supply of water to be able to photosynthesise and create the food they need to grow. When there is a prolonged period of drought, it is an inevitability that your grass will eventually begin to suffer. Left to deteriorate, it will begin to yellow and lose its original vibrancy as time passes. While finding an alternative source of water will solve this issue, in an area or timeframe where rainfall is rare, there can be restrictions on using surplus water. Supplies of water wearing thin is bad enough, but when you consider the environmental implications too, it becomes even more irresponsible to use

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