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Preparing For The Spring Equinox

Preparing for the spring equinox

The arrival of the spring equinox provokes different responses from different people. On 20th March, the sun will pass over the imaginary line of the equator, and this event, depending on your attitude toward gardening, will be greeted with a grimace or a smile. The arrival of spring means more sunlight and more frequent rainfall, which, in turn, gives emerging greenery the chance to develop and grow. For keen gardeners, it is a pivotal time; it gives you the opportunity to shape and mould your garden as you see fit. For those who see garden upkeep as more of a chore than a hobby, it means regular trips to your garden to tame it – putting in the bare minimum of time and effort so that it doesn’t look dishevelled enough to be plausibly abandoned. Whatever your response to the start of spring and the changing weather the event signals, we’ve put together a post that explains what the spring equinox is, what it means for homeowners and how you can prepare for it.

What is the spring equinox and why does it matter?

We all know that the spring equinox officially marks the start of spring, but why? For the northern hemisphere, the sun passing north over the Earth’s equinox announces the astronomical beginning of spring. It signifies the midway point between mid-winter and mid-summer and portends longer days and shorter nights.With the spring equinox looming – and a great deal of prospective garden ahead

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