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Why You Should Outfit Your Rooftop Space With Artificial Grass

A rooftop space is a luxury. Far more than being an afterthought though, a garden roof, properly outfitted, is a real sanctuary. Deciding on the best way to decorate such a desirable space can be tricky – especially when you want every single aspect of it to be perfect. One of the first ports of call is adding greenery. But which type of grass is best suited to a balcony or rooftop? Natural grass and artificial grass both have positives and negatives, but in such a specialised space, artificial grass really comes into its own. Below, we have demonstrated why fitting an artificial lawn on a roof terrace is the best choice.

Low maintenance

The primary appeal of artificial grass lies in how low maintenance it is. In huge contrast to its natural counterpart, artificial grass requires nothing in the way of water, sunlight, nutrients or even regular cutting and trimming. In a rooftop area, all of these resources are unlikely to be readily available. Artificial grass, at its neediest, demands only occasional cleaning – a mop and a bucket of water will suffice. Even when resources are scarce, artificial grass is able to retain its original sheen while saving you the time and money that would otherwise be committed to maintaining natural grass.

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