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Why Celebrities Love Artificial Lawns!

Source: Architectural Digest
Jessica Alba and her family enjoying their artificial lawn

Firstly, during these unique challenges that are being faced globally by us all, we at Lawrence Lawns hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well!

Recently you may have noticed many celebrities taking part in challenges and campaigns from home, as they socially isolate themselves. In these videos, it’s not uncommon to see that they all have artificial lawns in their gardens.

There are many reasons for this such as:

  • The minimal maintenance they require

  • The lower long term costs (gardeners, watering, etc)

  • The all weather family friendly convenience they provide

  • The improved eco friendly credentials, as you use no water, pesticides or grass feed the keep our artificial lawns looking green and healthy

But we think the main reason is the luxurious look and feel an artificial lawn offers.

So who do we know with an artificial lawn?

Source: Cosmopolitan
Jessica Alba enjoying her artificial lawn

Well, there’s Jessica Alba, who says: “My first priority in doing our home renovations was making sure that all of our augmentations were environmentally friendly, in addition to the eco requirement, we wanted to use products that were child and pet friendly.” She goes on to say that “The result is far beyond what I could have imagined. A tour of her Beverly Hills mansion featuring her artificial lawn is available here.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have both played on and train on artificial lawns, but here’s a rare video of Messi “training” at home with his family and their dog, having fun on their artificial lawn.

In addition to Jessica Alba and Lionel Messi, you may have also noticed John Terry’s magnificent artificial lawn in his Instagram posts.

John Terry joins a long line of top-flight football players who opt for an elegant artificial lawn at their homes and mansions. For those that are interested, John Terry’s home in the video is available to purchase here.

If you’re looking to enjoy the luxury and look of an artificial lawn, but don’t want to purchase John Terry’s home to do so, let us know! We’re still able to conduct pricing quotes and installations during the COVID19 lockdown period!

Due to the nature of our business, there isn’t much opportunity to work from home. However, we’ve reviewed our customer interactions, pricing and installation processes and have developed very easy, friendly and logical methods to allow us to continue on with operations through this period. We can visit you, provide pricing and even install your artificial lawn whilst being cautious and maintaining a socially safe distance.

We can even look to organise customer references and viewings of our previous work with existing customers over video calls if that is of interest.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to know more!

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